Valentine Line Becoming Mine; A one year exploration into conceptual art jewellery                                                                                        2.23-2.24

A Year of loving me, and loving beads. 


Being a creative type, I wanted to let all of my ideas pour forth at a faster rate than I usually can present; I am typically larger in sculptural design, creating over longer periods,  and felt that smaller type productions such as jewellery would be the perfect outlet to go at that faster pace I was looking for.


What really started as a day of contemplation on the idea of "Valentine's Day" (an homage to the concept of loving another), really turned into the distilled concept of 'love' itself: What one LOVES, and why.


In terms of my creations, I felt that a year of unbridled expression, and delve into 'all things fanciful on a whimsy' was a perfect way of giving myself the gift of artistic love inside the lovingness of creating: A way to really explore what I enjoy doing, by giving myself the freedom to bead outside of my normal box- to thread a new way of thought, and consider unexplored techniques as a forging of solutions.


For instance, because of my concerted focus on peyote stitchery as my main approach to beadwork, it had left me masterful in one manipulation with beads, yet lacking in others, such as right-angle weaving. Right-angle weave seemed very inefficient to my style throughout most of my bead experience, and because of it, never bothered to see what my hand might create with it for decades.


By taking a year ( four seasons) to explore new techniques, I was able to appreciate new designs, and find ways to incorporate them into my already familiar, and established approach. 


I was able to comprehend whole new ways of creating, sculpturally speaking- which inspired a completely new style to my larger work- which is just as rewarding, and satsfying as my previous ways-  but this time, I was able to conjur a whole new set of concepts by expanding my toolbox, thus my artistic voice.


This was a great Valentine unto myself as a journey of self love, and I hope to consider the holiday again in the future- for another round of artistic expression, and deeper meaning.


Happy Valentines Day!








Valnetine Line 2.23



With Valentines day being one of my favorite themed days, I decided to challenge myself by creating a new valentine work daily. The symbols surrounding Valentines day is fun to work with: hearts, cherubs, colors of pinks and reds and white, chocolates, love and lust; this is DEFINITELY one of my most favorite holidays to explore! 



While the day itself signifies another matter for me personally, I still enjoy the beauty and gaiety that surrounds a happy holiday, during the rather dull and dreary month that is February. Valentines seems to fall right in line with the grey clouds and steady work grind that only February seems to contain-boring ass life is completely lifted with chocolates and love!


Been really into this newer concept of using smaller beads around larger ones, such as the heart ornamant. I like how the smaller beads make a curved border around the larger beads, and could easily be used with intense colors such as neon pink and purple to make a bold statement.


It's a strange satisfaction to produce a pleasurable bead at the end of a tiresome day- almost like a valentine sweet treat....


It will be fun to see where this challenge takes me- like what I end up creating on the fly...I just really enjoy making beaded hearts-it's a pretty simple motive- but to put that under a deadline gives a new rush to the experience. Really happy that Valentines exists- a perfect wish fufillment for my beaderly heart.





Valentine Line Update: This turned out to be a real breakthough expression for me. It helped me to create a conceptual jewellery line, and because Valentine Line was surrounding a holiday, put the concepts on a timer ( with the time closed on the holiday).


It helped me to keep a quickened pace, and to really flow with the beads I have on hand. If a specific idea isn't coming together, it's really no matter..I just move on to something that ISN'T blocking, or hard to manifest.


..and in this way, I have found a way to gently approach not struggle with forcing work to be made as if it was a brutal allow small works, that may SEEM insignifigant in skill, or material or application finds its own little voice in my choir of creation.


Truly the best Valentine I ever received from myself.


Horse hair Burden basket   Started: 11.05




Some time ago, probably due to my parents interest and collection, I ran across some amazing baskets. They were  called "burden baskets" and were named as such primarily due to their constant use. Used so often,there was no need for a flat bottom surface..they were always either in use, on the body, or holding something upright by a strap.

A cone shape basket became the burden baskets trademark. Some of them smaller, holding things such as reed or corn...some were large..holding newly cut tree logs. The cone shape of this basket made it efficient to pull through lush terrain with the least amount weight on the physical body itself.

When I saw the various baskets, i thought they were powerful:

The shape but also the function...just the way these baskets were used in such varying ways for everyday activities...i wanted to collect them all!

At one point, a horsehair weaver friend of mine gave  me a sizable amount of horsehair to play with. I decided right then and there to create my OWN burden basket out of this hair, one strand at a time.

Ideally, i would like to make this basket about 2 ft long. I like the small weave of horsehair because I can imagine creating a larger scale burden basket without the need for a large space. At the same time, I am attempting to make a waterproof vessle in a medium that is somewhat absorbing by nature. 


I really love how the hair looks through dont notice all the red highlights until you see it woven finely.


I could have made a more structured pattern in this, but felt the loose shape kind of mimicked the feel of horse tails when they are running; kind of loosely flying in the wind. Hopefully, this basket will capture some of that motion with the various shades of hair, and emerging pattern.


Still hoping to make this about 2 ft long..I really want 4 ft, but not sure if I could dedicate that kind of time..maybe. we will see :-)






Still searching around for any other insights related to my would-be mermaid creation..I ran across this interesting image someone had added in a relationship to mermen.


Some have claimed them to be great healers, and ability of great destruction a working relationship to this merspecies'.






I continue to piece together information that might help me actualize this idea..

I have been searching for relevant material, but find it most challenging to sift through the garbage mermaid personas that seem to endlessly exist ( my god, on and on)..

I also made a related discovery in my HIS/HER buckle series, so perhaps everything moves as it should, and that more on this subject will come to fruition in its due time-

Honestly, what one WANTS and what NEEDS are usually two very different things, and creating is no different than any other avenue of life:

I WANT the image clear as day, and I'm simply not going to get that..

instead, I will get what I NEED to get to the next place of what i WANT...i hope..or ..fuck me, I never get it.'s always a possibility.

Yet, I've never been one to just go with 'whatever is clever' ..the work is too damn involved to NOT have a structured PLAN. Boring AF, but still the reward is too good not to explore with concentratred intention.

I can honestly say, that I dont mind the limitation since I am fully preoccupied with two other main subjects simultaneously, with a side dish of fun phone footage as relief...

..let this salty bitch make her way to ME, and I can shower her with crabs..and pearls..and humans, or WTF they want.                          









Looking towards a larger work, I am reflecting on what sort of image I may want to create- to say what I want to say about mermaids.

Mermaids, are not friendly creatures at all, and I often wonder how disney style ones ever caught on as a mermaid archetype.

In literature as well as original lore, mermaids have never been portrayed as a source of light and compassion, so much as a source of wisdom and mystery-even assistance at times.


Of course, some would have you think mermaids are some sort of monster because of their meat eating diet. And it's true..just like humans ( from what I've read), they will eat mammals just as we do. 


In a way, that could be incredibly scary to the average fisherman- an intelligence smarter than a dolphin, and could readily eat you like a hamburger? But that also implies a virtue- and that is, mermaids are intelligent and will easily not eat a human if it shows some sort of ability- usually music. After all, one of a mermaids most famous trait is their singing ability...I guess music really IS the universal language.


Deep sea creatures that mermaids are,they are not easily discovered- mermaids have been claimed all over the planet, but most have been 'found' in the deeper bodies of water. In older works, there is many thoughts on why that is- one having to do with light sensitivity. Some say fear of humans, or the cold water, etc.. But, if I were that sort of creature, I bet the tectonic plates play a larger role in my world than people might consider- heat distribution, and jet streams all dictate the waterways we are STILL learning about..but thats my two cents.


We also hear of many tales of assistance from mermaids..this seems to derive from older works interpreting it more as 'deals'; trades, agreements/contracts. Ones where mermaids aren't necessarily to be trusted, but still others portray a mermaids word as deed- as if they are bound by Fae law.

But because there is so much 'deep sea mystery' in our oceans, the concept of a mermaid captures the curious mind, and fosters this ongoing mythic figure in modern society.


There are semi mermaid cults where it's all things water,alll day and night... in a tail suit- like, hardcore mermaid followers in modern society.So, the mermaid figurehead, and its aura is alive and well to say the least. (at this writing, just saw a mermaid lounge and bar..i gotta visit one and claim it


There is so much modern mermaid lore, it would be difficult to sort through all of it under 30 days, at a reasonable pace...I think it's really cool how humans are creative, and how they mutually articulate themselves through this persona (my Unstory below)- we create really amazing things, together, as a whole species. An ongoing source of inspiration that becomes everlasting, shining.


One modern thought on mermaids worth noting is the Seth books contribution.It's one that includes the idea of probable realities living in coexistence with our own.

Seth discusses a past water dweller species, and our highly romaticized legends of mermaids coming from such civilizations. He mentions a combination chimpanzee-fish creature who moved with 'amazing rapidity', and could emerge onto land for days at a time.In other probabilities, water-dwelling mammals pre-dominate earth. Perhaps, we tap into these other realities to articulate our vision of all things mermaid.


Really though.. who even cares what mermaids are..they are whatever we say they are- and one of the reasons I wanted to explore it- because I think there is a lot of sugar coated mermaids archetypes, and dont find much tangibility of mermaids generally speaking.. other than tanked wetsuit human ones. 


Hopefully, I will be able to find some satisfaction in creating an earthier vision of a mermaid..One that is perhaps a bit less amazing than we imagine- or, not as familiar as we would have expected. Yes, a simple concept, but I try not to judge the creative flow too much..if I hate it, there always another thing to make the next day.







Once there was this curious mermaid who swam the oceans far and wide..

..and then there was this ambitious sea captain who travelled for plunder.


One day, they met- some net or whatever,

but the mermaid stuck around- maybe the treasures on board lured the murky traveller- and there was treasures a plenty!


Over time a trust developed there, 

...and so, the mermaid would spend time both in open waters, as well as in an odd shaped glass sphere aboard the ship-

maybe to hear music? to meet others? whatever the adventures brought.

Captain corsair exploited his wealth-an exotic fish was no different .Yet still, there was a mutual benefit for both of them, which seemed to overflow forever....and transformed into a deeper understanding. The time together became an honorable one.


Then one morning- maybe after a long night of frolic, the captain was called off the ship-some business on land...

and when he never returned, there was much argument over his assets, including this amazing fish..the crews loyalty was to their life and so, after long battles, this mermaid was eventually taken off board and far away from the ocean.

Of course, being tanked for this amount of time was already a shock to the system, and the crew that once maintained basic water needs were long gone.

There was so much hope that the new ocean would be coming soon, but it never did...

..and when presented to a new owner, having no knowledge of needs, replenished in the best fresh water that was available ( obviously needing saltwater instead).

The creature kept degrading in the tank, taken out once or twice out of ravage curiosity, but soon died thereafter. Some of the bones got turned into beads.  


The End



LACE FENCES                                            8.22

An interesting experiment with flagging tape- I wanted to see if I could reproduce a ribbon lace effect on a larger scale.

Chicken wire mimics the same pattern base that sewing lace utilizes, and wanted to explore enriching simple old chicken wire.
After many attempts at design, I'm discovering less is more. I approached it originally with exact opacity in mind, but soon discovered that the material didn't lend itself to volume in the correct proportion- it just looked too messy and overworked.
The open, looser chains seem to be more effective, but it's always a challenge to move the work along. I didn't want to compromise the visual for the sake of expediency, but in this case, worked out quite the opposite.
I will be exploring this larger lacework all season, on various forms..
A designed fence might be best suited for privacy rather than practicality: I can only imagine that a fence TOO patterned simply detracts from a showy flower garden.
But perhaps against a single flower type, might be effective- but do the designs add value to the surrounding spaces?
Should be an interesting exploration 

The image above was my first attempt with the flagging.I really didnt  like how the flagging twisted and wouldnt make soft lines easily..but I did enjoy it once I started using it in a more rigid abstract design..then the worked moved quickly, and it was satisfying. Single line work like this isnt sturdy, and will fall off after a season.









<--This 2nd attempt was a fun abstract..I added on bold colors, which I wasn't really sure about..then added some clear drop cloth to the centers- I did this primarily for practicality: The birds like to eat blueberries, and I wanted to keep them out. 


The shape was strange, and I would probably reattempt the whole thing with a more formal pattern in mind. 



 Experiment #3

Paisley patterns inspired by a daisy background. This time around, I decided to go harder on the outlines...and take a more softer, rounded approach...with a splashier style(less rigid, repeating pattern, etc)..Also, it's a lot of fun, when you purposely try to make smaller objects unmatch.


All in all, I found working with plastic to be most unrewarding. I didn't like the way it looked, handled, or responded. Perhaps it would be more satisfying in a ton of colors..?

...Or perhaps a thicker gauge-like recycled plastic bags....?

Keep in mind, the heavier the plastic the more weight on the fencing- it's a property that's either debilitating or beneficial..depending on what you are thinking of doing.


Also, the thinner the plastic, the more wear and tear on the design. Something like experiement 1# would not withstand a single winter in northern areas for instance.


The 2nd experiment was not strong enough to deter young buck,who, on the regular kept koolaiding the netting...0 fks given with the neon pink stripping; oh, they knew it was there- whatever.




In conclusion of all three, I would say that using flagging as I have, is identical to raffia design on basketry. In other words, any real design you might perhaps want on a chicken wire fence you can easily see beforehand by looking at images of raffia design on basketry.


There's a lot of funky vintage raffia design out there online, and makes it easy to consider what you might be looking for without having to sketch it all down,plus, if you print out those images, you can then use them as templates for the actual work.


I really wanted to explore photorealism, but I didnt find any inspiration towards it..Oh well, maybe next year I will revist with a better approach.

Living Art photo series #1: Heavenly January 1.21


This 'in progress' series will hope to document the thematic beauty of the seasons(often hidden), in the living world around us.
 Capturing the light of shimmery, snowy landscapes with random moments of the everyday, the companions in my life seem to emulate the celestial air of January! 
Morris Walking on Clouds
No creature adds artistic quirkiness quite like the domesticated feline. It's just something about the magic of their choices that creates beauty and humor simultaneously. 
Here we see Morris  II lazily relaxing the morning away on what almost looks like a misty mountainside.
Lipstick (the hermit crab) just recently chose a mother-of-pearl shell to inhabit- reflecting the cold glitter of snow which seems to steadily fall all season long.

In Progress

7.16 "Smiley Face Dookie"..the dookie that started it ALL


DOOKY ART 7.16- 7.20


Being tired of seeing uncurbed dog leftovers, I turned my frown right on around: Dooky art was born! Why not leave a creative reminder?

Dooky art is not exclusive to just pooh however, its expanded to include other random inconsiderations that inspired. Hopefully this wont be an ongoing series.


Just when you think that dookie art is on the way out, someone gifts us with the summer grace of more dookie.


"Doll House Dookie" 7.18

In this dookie attempt, I tried to reacreate a house of sorts- something that says "Notice the awesome treasure inside".

By using random found objects, I was able to create an asymmetrical space branching out in all directions. A nice balance for dookie, and also perhaps for the inconsiderate who left it there to begin with.

6.19  TOXIC SHOCK 6.19 

Dookie art in full swing starting early this year.

An absolute toxic shock: uncurbed pooch in the heart of prime sunshine! So, i went nuclear.                   



Dooky Art 2020 update: Dookie Art goes National


So, as it goes, dookie art is not limited to any one town, city or state- 

'Inspiration' for new designs can be found just about anywhere, and in various new environments.

While perhaps not as noticable in rural areas, just as plentiful ( apparently, irresponsible caretakers of dogs is an American norm). And whats more, because of the greener surroundings, is usually accented with a few flies. Think of the flies as living accents; As a model might change accents- from earring, to necklace, to hat, so too does Dookie Art hold its own organic 'charms'.

Leaves, sticks, rocks, worms, maggots, mosquitos, moths, mold all add their own dimension to what might be created- soil can be harder to work with when shooting Dookie Art simply because its as messy as dookie itself. (Images hopefully not coming soon, but might be 7.20)

 Dookie Art is not encouraged as a lifestyle choice, but it does hold its own challenges depending on where you go in the USA. 

Perhaps, in the future, Dookie Art will  be seen as the incredibly generous act that it was concieved to be: Taking your shit, 'cuz art dont quit.


'The Dookie of My Eye"   10.20

7.16 "Grape Matters" A used grape stem adorns the center of this rock mandala













































As a kid, I always seemed to have 2 types of dolls; those that I ignored and left in a corner, and those that I disregarded and basically used for art sculptures or science experiments.Unsurprisingly, it was the plastic dolls that were pushed to the limits while porcelain  dolls were kept nicely tucked in safe spots around the playroom.

While I enjoyed the porcelain dolls, they werent respected necessarily because of the dolls that they were- I didnt really appreciate them for the decorations or doll design. Actually, the faces and dresses of most of them I found frustrating because they had frumpy shapes unlike my plastic Barbie dolls or Glamor Girls- Now THEY had pizzazz! 

They were modern- with hip clothing! They had the body shapes of movie stars and goddesses! The only reason I DID respect the porcelain dolls was because of the material they were made from.

Something about them being made in clay put them in a class of their own. I just knew from past experience that there was no fun with THESE dolls; one duct tape-to-a-skateboard down the hill, and these dolls were goners.

So, probably due to their predictable nature, I valued them for their fragility. These dolls simply "dont play" the way I played and so, they often sat in the corner piles of doll dust.



When I considered my options of dolls to play with, I always found it frustrating that there wasn't hipper porcelain dolls- ones that had the power of coolness, that I could not only respect for their fragility, but also admire for their suave, trend setting bloom!

I wonder if I would have stopped my doll art and science projects if they were all porcelain varieties of amazing instead of cliche plastics?

Hard to say.

Good Time Gals is an emerging series that resolves my long held desire for that ideal porcelain doll which not only has my respect, but also my attention!

I probably would have made different fashion and accessory choices if I had created these as a kid, while living through the doll frustrations- smokes and drink would probably NOT be in there. I dont think I could have made Good Time Gals as I have expressed them here,  any sooner than now.




Sherry, ( above),  is named after her favorite drink, which she holds a bottle of in hand- she never runs out!



"Sherry" with black swing bag- part stash, part weapon. She's always ready for the next impromptu joyride


GoodTime Gals is an emerging series that looks at female personas steeped in rebelliousness and fast living.


Jet setting dolls that know how to have a good time, and dont mind cracking a few eggs to make an omlette.




Giselle (right),  is a gamer at heart sporting the perfect poker face.



I have two larger porcelain gals in the works- hopefully produced by 1.25


Still looking at them, but they ARE on the docket.



Giselle heels close up. Rhinestones add bling
Giselles hosiery seam
T Two sides duel it out to the death.



I saw some wooden varieties of this game and decided to make my own. A game of strategy, memory, and willpower- I decided that the plush version would contrast nicely by adding a few playful implications.

Many boards I have seen take a more serious note, or a primal approach to evoke a nostalgic feel, but I felt that the essense and energy of this board might be best enhanced through the more Jim Henson style child-like approach.


Plush viking fighter stands ready to defend his king. Leather scraps add a nice touch of durability as well as a textile contrast to the softer fabrics of fur and felt.

I used a standard nylon stocking and extra pillow stuffing to create the heads. Hand stitched nose.

The shields are made with mother-of-pearl buttons, and brown hide.

These were not as tedious as I had initially anticipated. I thought that perhaps making the same image would be super boring but each pawn has their own little personality which comes shining though.

It gives the maker a chance to reconsider an idea- to reapproach the image ideals and train the hand to devlop a personal style with the making of a thing.

The bodies are weighted down to lend extra weight on silky fabric. I didnt want to this to just look cuddly cute, but also practical to include outdoor use.

For extra grip, I used a suede finish on the bottoms of the set. Suede has a naturally grip to it, which helps keep the pieces in place.

Some of the oldest hnefatfl sets use solid metal pawns with a circular leather board.

The facial hair is made from wooly yarns while the bodies are created with leopard print fur scraps.

I used specific portions of the same fur scrap, designating brown parts to the viking pawns and cream portions to the other.


The king viking has a simple beaded crown with hints of gold beads surrounding the helmet. I don't think that the king in this game needs to be particularly highlighted strongly.

Having a king with subtle symbology forces the gamer to consider the layout of the pawns by paying close attention.


This game is easy to use for travel as the board acts as its case . the tie threads though the beaded loops and makes a tidy bow up top.

Many time leather is used for a hfefatafl board, with a leather cord sewn back and forth through holes alongside the edge of the game.When I saw this clever idea, I knew right away I wanted to try it with beads right on the edge.


This is a recycle art project still in the works..

I collect washed up plastic scraps alongside the beach shore to make a crashing wave of rainbow colors overhead.

Im hoping to reexamine how this is constructed, to make the loops a bit smoother in finish.

In the meantime, I still collect plastic scraps for a much larger area.

I want this idea to be about 20 ft by 40 ft.



Still collecting bits of plastics for a larger blanket..I would really like to see this manifest in my lifetime.

"Bohemian Pouf" 3.15



 Keep those cherished textiles not in a closet, but in your visual range. Adding block print design on simple solids add an extra dimension to incorporating color schemes. It also allows for extra fabric to make larger designs. 

In this pouf, the mexican textiles were limited. Adding block print panels allowed the pouf to be a larger expression.

Butterflies hand stitched by Rickie M. Designs, I reused them here from spent pillow cases, then machine stitched them to extra fabric from an old pair of light blue jeans.


More in News&Views on block print panels

Poolside Yoga pouf with neck rest. waterproof
heavy cotton, acrylic yarn, foam beans

Eric Forman's Basement Pillow 3.15


Pouf pillows making a small revival this spring. Lightweight, perfect for travel, hiking. Triple up for instant sleep.


"Eric Forman's" rendition pouf has a relaxed fill, making this a perfect pillow to add as a throw. The original pillow was knitted, but this reproduction uses simple heavyweight cotton fabrics and beige yarn to recreate a similar looking pouf.





A longtime fascination for me, silversmithing is something I always wanted to explore in a meditative way.


This ring has a flowing shape. I wanted to show movement, a flow to images..a current theme I am exploring.










Another gold band style- this time with larimar stone and tiny .5mm crystals.

What's so lovely about this ring is the hidden surprise on the underside of it. You only get a slight flash of the crystal brilliance here and there ( when worn)- not something that 'stands out'. I really enjoyed working with conceptual philosophies behind the design;

ones that surround mystery behind beauty, surprising dazzle from the undercrevices of life.

 I love the way the crystal surface holds a modest stance in comparison to the natural turtleback pattern of the larimar. I think it created a nice balance between the two differing surfaces and patterns.

I also like the thicker gold band with was a logical choice for the upper portions size and visual.



"The Goddess of Main and Kilbourn" 11.12

A second of a brown series, this cross street is located in Skokie, Illinois.




Such troubles with the wood I used to make this frame! In some ways a learning lesson is patience, I resolved to tying wires on the backside to make it less warped...of course I had to restretch the canvas to a certain degree. Very hindering to the creative flow, im back on course now, and am enjoying the acrylic foundations of a simple brown body.



slowly but surely. a few coats here and there...waiting for some parts damaged in transport. I took many many trips down Main street on my bike. The center image shouldnt be too difficult to recount after all the years biking through!

And due to the accident ( with that one child), I do believe they lowered the speed limit down the whole strip.



Taking another look at this one. Did a little drive by the area to recapture some inspiration.



Taking a backseat to another image, but hoping to feel inspired this winter!




I DO want to finish this work..but want to make this spring thing..something when its warmer...maybe even stop by that area again, take some shots to get more vibes to steep in.


Memory is a cool thing to use for inspiration, but sometimes revisiting the actual landscape is a better option to jump start the work out.

main street
still in early stages.





all in a days work

Shibori on Cotton 12.11

For this latest endeavor, I used older thick cotton table clothes to tie. A bit messier at times because of all the loose stringy edges, the material itself is easy to work with because of a nice surface tension that this cotton has.


Trying different techniques well known and experimental make shibori a lot of fun. This 'star fish' tie uses the kanoko approach. Being a novice, I was left with lots of loose ends which i zig zig folded and clamped.

this technique is best dipped, not painted..notice the second layer below
a zip tie first, string later

A couple of zip ties make a handy fastening to experiment with. In this case, a repeating envelope fold is then zip tied, strung and clamped  sturdily on the ends.

This dipped rather than painted (in heavy cotton)..only the outermost layer took.
shibori can create an attractive, initial pattern

Glass pebbles are bound with heavy duty coat thread. This style was fun to do because there was no needle or cutting was easy to keep adding a new pebble in a consistent, logical order on the cloth.

heavy cottons do best in single layer or crease dying.

^^^^^^   Soak in Soda Ash for at least 30 minutes  ^^^^^^^^


Allowing the articles to dry out for about 35-40 minutes before dyeing will concentrate the absorption of the pigment into the fabric, making a strong bright color. If you are hand painting, drying also slows the absorption amount as well.

hand painted shibori

Freeze dried indigo is the latest craze in indogen dying..mainly because it is easy as pie!!! The crystals are so very concentrate.Only meant to last a few months, i managed to keep mine for 5 years in the freezer, without compromising the quality. However, diluting the crystals into a small water vat seems to extend the shelf life even longer. 

Clamps and envelope folds created the diamonds on the left. Zigzag folds with clamps create the stripes below. The right textile meant to look like "woods" is made by simple sewn fan folds.

Some "mistakes" have an awesome soul to them.

same technique in silk..
Cotton drying in the light
shibori in silk...
envelope fold in silk
clamp folds on silk..
Joyce's book

Each fabric has a destiny of its own. Some of the fabrics are lovely as is, while others appreciated in practical forms. This small journey into shibori lent itself to lovely gifts 

Lories purse


The bulk of the cotton fabrics went to this idea. A holiday gift, the inside is lined with two pockets. I wanted to try a new type of clasp- a weighted clasp. The moon embellishment hangs off a square weighted "clasp". Filled with beads, a good place to keep extra beads if needed and it also makes for a metal free closure.


In the future, I plan on designing beags that have reverse weighted clasps..closures that work through a zig zig weighted design.

Lorie's purse: pocket detail
Lories purse: grey beads frame a 2 inch strap.
Lories purse: suede bottom, matching glass beads
silk fishbowl dust covers