Subterranean Works..

"Eye Chapel"
ISIS emerald, glass, shell and wire work



"Fish" I like aquatic scenes for relief work
"Grandpas Funeral" made with crushed flowers from the funeral arrangements,crushed beads,hematite.







"Love Letter" the thick border have long letters around each. one loving the other hateful. the image is love waiting for the mail to arrive. angelic scriptures of the 7 days of the week, a goblet stamp: water expressing feeling.
"Monthly Cycle"






donated to Mars gallery fundraiser for women in Darfur "The Internet: the all seeing eye" what an online extension can feel like.donated to Mars gallery fundraiser for women in Darfur
Surreal relief

A painting poured forth easily- it was a fast occurring vision made quickly.

"Mothering Tongue" travel art commission
ndebele stitch
Birds Nest
Expressive pins
"The Perfect Bra" ( Enjoy L!)
Turqiouse nuggets have drilled grooves through their centers and then set with small beads.
mothers day pin
beaded mobile
"Tree" Captured this tree a day before it was cut down




UgLi doll series 2007

"one eyed UgLi"
"Scary UgLi"
"Crazy UgLi"
UgLi family

Seashore series 5/12 ...on holiday

Sand mountains
Plant in Sand
Dads boat..tiny gold beads rattle inside ( treasure!)
Vessel- inlaid experimentation explored in mid 90s-->

...........Cavern Floor...........