Small silver purses make an ideal jewelry addition to the wardrobe- when you want to go"purse free".


<--This silver plated ( on brass) purse fits a larger cell phone easily and safely.

This purse is made with 'molly metal' and has silver beads strung on the strap.  

An antique silver purse works well for cash+ credit cards, perhaps a single key

When I first obtained this purse, it had a very old, worn lining. Deciding to take it out ( to create more room) I discovered a small secret: a newpaper cutout announcing the marriage between , what I imagine is the  original owner. I decided to tape it into the purse- just needs to remain.

 A close up detail of the purse chain- adding a bead between chain rings is a clever way to shorten a soldered chain without compromising its length. A mother of pearl cabachon hangs in back, working like a counterweight.

GOOD F***KIN'  LUCK!! (your gunna need it)      3.18

 Green Onxy spears alongside gold accent with four leaf clover- theres nothin' luckier!

Not only is March the month of green beer, its also a time of rejuvination.


















"Lucky Coins"


Gold tone coins with green onyx beads.


"Auspiciouis Golden Strands"  Carnelian beads and green onyx swirl together.


Carnelian beads hold a certain glow

Beaded Flower Bottles 2.18

What a better way to display a plucked flower than on the body? Tiny glass bottles hold a larger bloom to wear and share around the neck!


I saw these tiny glass bottles and knew exactly what they needed- what else but beads of course :-)

Fun flora designs in bright colors bring small but mighty strength to your aura!!!


















Hibiscus flower for a Hibiscus flower!

So much fun making this mushroom! A fresh water pearl made the perfect stem



Feeling the aftermath of Irma, Harvey- the beads seemed to express a certain empathy.

"Sparkling Tide"

 Hand sanded swirl shell holds a tassle of bubbly pearls. Made with fresh water pink pearls, rose quartz, and mother-of-pearl beads.


"Wind Gusts"

Turquoise, freshwater pink pearls, apatite, shell and sterling silver.


Shell bracelet

Tinted howlite, freshwater pearls, mother-of-pearl beads.


Shell bracelet

The underside holds a small surprise of freshwater pearls.


"Storm Clouds"


Antique seed bead collar with turquoise, mother-of-pearl, crystal and plated citrine nuggets.

"Tattered Seaweed" earrings. Peridot, jade and mother-of-pearl.










"sky riding" anklet



Beaded anklet with sterling silver bells, this one made with smaller bells.

"Sour Grapes" anklet

 Purple beads woven with silver bell clusters. Silver bells have a certain sound to them- every arrangement creates a different set of tones from the next.

"Blue Icicles" anklet


"Purple Orchid" anklet

  This lovely anklet has deep sounding tones with larger center bells- made with an orchid weave.

"Walking on Clouds" anklet




Beach glass really is a lovely material. Especially glass that has been naturally created. There is something about the unique shapes only authentic beach glass creates, that you just dont find in man made sea glass.

Maybe its the way the glass has interacted with all those boulders/other elements in the water- as it makes its way to the shore ( and my pocket).I'm really not sure !

After collecting some very nice shapes of beach glass, I decided to explore their use in jewelry..I wanted to capture some essence of the beach,hot days, and sunny nostalgia which make up the hotter months.

I added an audio element of chimes created by various shells. The sound seemed to mimic the fragile visual of the clear glass. It just semed to 'go with'.


  Refreshing shades of blue glass blend right into the summery blue backdrop.

 Green glass with other various found elements; Agates, fossils, worn tile,stone.

Various fossils in a fresh chalky white theme.

 Fun with stone. A thicker black chain- yet, not on the neck! Two thin beaded chains rest lightly against the skin, with the heavy metals hanging lower.

Hydrangea Pin  5.17



This was something I had been meaning to create for quite a few years. I was gifted the gourd years ago(Thank you Joyce!!), and held onto it because I was determined to have this idea come to fuition. I didn't get around to the details until I actually sat down to make it, but I never envisioned the final product to have any sort of uniformity to the design- the gourd itself is not symmetrical, and knew whatever I chose to create, it would not be uniform.

I love using small beads- the tinier the better! But there was something calling me to a standard size 10. Sometimes size 10 can be really satisfying to use because its small enough to create nice detail, but large enough to see substantial production over a short amount of time.

In this case, size 10 created a satisfying pixelation that was larger than I normally would use, but created just the surface finish I was looking for; a bit "bumpy".

I just used whatever beads I had offhand- I didnt have a set standard or tone in mind.

 Its really freeing to  create with whatever, with no constraints that specific intention can sometimes bring. This piece was very correctly named "Creators Rattle" since creativity SHOULD be a freeing experience; something that happens in the NOW moment of time- spontaneous, adventurous and unknown.

Creating this was very much that- I had no clue what I would use, when , or where the design would take me..

the only real limit was that the beads would remain on the surface of the rattle!!


I began with 5 color beads in the center of the gourd, adding new colors as the weave got larger.

Some of the colors I did not particularly enjoy ( like the depressed purple), but I insisted on remaining somewhat uninvested/unattached while making this. Feeling more indifferent towards the design did allow more freedom moment to moment, but it is not something I think I would enjoy doing as routine. Who really wants to create with an undesirable palette?


About 1/3 of the way through creating this, I really started to enjoy the red color.

I liked how it popped out from the rest of the beads. It holds a symbolic meaning of primal physical root strength that I felt would be appropriate to use as the dominant color on the handle, considering the hand that creates the "rattle" is the primal source of the rattles creation.

I actually ran out of red beads, but was rescued by a hero-pal who had gifted me the red beads to begin with ( thank you Val!) by supplying me with more of the exact same batch of beads.

I added my signature ( as I usually do) at the end.

Of course, the center is filled with a montage of beads- various sizes of center beads makes this rattle hold a range of sound when shaken.




A fun gift created with various beads to represent familiar meanings. Peppermint, ornaments, acorn, drink and sweets, even mushrooms give an implication of a fir tree forest.

I really enjoyed creating the beaded wreath- made from leaf shaped glass beads and gold tone bow. The orange round bead reminded me of spiced oranges

Walk in the Woods 10.16

Various strands have a natural messy look that I saw on the forest floor.

Beads in the round atop a button clasp. Made with carnelian, amber, horn, garnet and coral glass beads. This necklace was fun due to the fact there was total freedom ( and exploration) with creating new stitches- purposefully varying. fun fun!

This bracelet was just as satisfying to create as the necklace companion. I think it was due to the beads themselves- the small brown seed beads had a organic shape to them..if I could purchase more from the same maker I would.

What I especially enjoy about this cuff is that it holds the same look from all sides- a real benefit  when working with button clasps.

Calla Lily 9.16

Woven with frost clear seed beads, it lends a certain glow that calla lily normally displays. Opaque white beads would have been too literal, too milky, no glow.

A different angle, it was a rewarding challenge to create smooth flowing petals within a rigid, pixilated type medium. Brass wire supports the stem and can be bent into a swirl bracelet, or any position.

When put up to light, you can see through the petal, like a calla lily.

I Want Candy 6.16

Various beads create a very sweet image. The lolli made with cyrstal rhinestones, and a metal stem.

Even a freshwater pearl takes on a candy-like symbolism when surrounded by supporting actors.








Resin bracelet with suspended candy sprinkles.

A second necklace. I created a wrapped candy with brass and rhinestones.

Aqua Beads 7.16

Intense aqua colors swirl, tassle hangs in back used as a counterweight.


A graduated strand with slight variation on tone lends depth to the overall piece.

Forget-Me-Not pin 5.16

I really enjoyed making the little flower buds..the graduation of flowers captures time.


Nice curved shape to this pin.

While the pin  is longer, it is surpringly strong, because I used galvanized steel.

Hand made base and pin backing










Ring of Q   4.16

I wanted to explore square beads. This little creation came through easily. Watching  TNG Star Trek series at the  time- specifically paying attention to  the Q story line, lent itself into the design. Kind of an 80's concept of the futuristic.

Blue thread is woven around the band, then covered with epoxy for a lasting finish and  glossy shine.

Spring Break on Spooky Island 2.16

StarGazer's necklace 3.15

Gold Cherub element designed by Kirk's Folly
marble mirror scope

The kaleidescope is a vintage element.This piece just came together easily.

Through the looking glass:

Through the Looking glass..












Life's a  8.14

Midnight comb



     A fun, faint bell clicks when worn. Lobster claws as well as magnetic clasps makes simple on and off use for sandy fingers.


     There are a child series of ShellBells shown here  as well.

Beach Tan
The Clapper
Princess shell
Blue Horizon
El Sol
Simple shell part of child series
Eye ShellBell









Square brass stretch bracelet


Tahitian pearl pendant Tahitian pearl pendant 4.14



Emeralds, moonstone and peridot

"All Seeing Eye"  















RNA necklace 4.13
Bright red bugle beads coil around chalk white seed beads.









~~~~year of the snake~~~~~~~


A liquid guilding product added extra silver shine to a hollow commonplace metal. 

I loved the flow of the shape and saw it as a pendant right away!

An opal cabachon hangs, representing an egg(fertility).

I used a snake-like plantinum chain to harmonize with the movement going on 'center stage ' with the snake. fun to wear!





Isis Earrings 1.13






Cuff Bracelets




St. Valentine's  12.12

Coral, horn and rutilated quartz








Using tiger tail gives a nice balance to this necklace.





"Jesus Saves Art (saves the day) " 4.12






Pink shell makes a tactile adornment







Bone and Jade








A bohemia return..




An experiment with chip beads

ISIS: the blue serpent rising






Year of the Dragon necklace. 7.12



 I really enjoy the clasp detail on this mimicked the lines of the main component, balancing the dramatics throughout. Cherry quartz, coral and sewn silk and a nice textile component.





















"I wanna be a cowgirl" necklace using turquoise,glass and metal components

"I Wanna be a Cowgirl" 


Feeling a bit of return to bohemia, K inspired this necklace over the summer.