Four Elements                                        12.20


A flaming violet amethyst sits on a mantle of 4 elements.
Handwoven in bronze seed beads, this charm has a generous beaded cord for longer styles.
Bronze looks wonderful with amethyst- gives an antique look for earthy looks...With this pendant, there is almost a functionality to it, like its a tool of some sort.
I enjoyed the simplicity of elements involved; placing emphasis on the purple threading, which also highlights the purple gemstones. 
Includes a freshwater pearl accent alongside a rainbow flourite raindrop.
This is an amethyst crystal that has plenty of shimmering fire- with an air bubble, naturally formed point- not cut or treated.

BrainStorm Cloud                                  11.20


A large paua shell is storming with creativity, with green flourite bead droplets raining down inspiration!
The greenish droplets look reminiscent of wet glass, while the rounded shape of the beads give a sense of movement.
One strand of frothy freshwater pearls mimic the pearlescent shell cloud, bringing dollops of pearls into the shower.

This was a concept i had years ago, but was never satisfied with the end product..I think, I perhaps hadn't had the right dimensions in mind. Larger shells are harder to find, but for this, I wanted a shell that was not too large, had a greener tone to it (rather than purple, as many beautifully are), and had good proportion to the bead size.

At one point, I had used blue seed beads with a shell, but found it lack luster in comparison to the polished shells design.
The pastel green flourite gives just the right essence: light and light catching! Super dazzling in the sunlight, this piece makes a great addition to a darker corner of a room; It brings forth gentle light and sparkle, in a subtle way.
I can get lost in the patterns of these polished shells. They look like ripples of those in electrical storm clouds, making mysterious wisps of design.
6 inches wide
About 4 ft long

The Littlest Witch                                  10.20


The Littlest Witch


Standing on a penny, the littlest witch measures just over an inch- ready to take flight!

 This porcelain figure has movable joints, a satin ribbon dress, and a purse full of mischief.
There is no task too great for this powerful night flyer..making her a perfect Samhain pocket pal for celebration on the go!!

This witch carries a small bag of magik, with a magenta and gold clasp.


Her leggings represent the night sky, which is hers for the taking- Happy Samhain!!

Healers Bag                                           9.20

Blue ThinderBird with carnelian cabachon. Set in glass seed beads



Blue ThunderBird


For long distance travel, a secure, double pouched belt. Keep all the essentials like passport, wallet,keys,phone, medications in sturdy leather accessory.

An adjustable buckle for sizing, as well as a double snap closure in front, for quick gate screening.
A happy blueskies thunderbird sits on a suede pouch, bringing happy travels with you, wherever you go! 
*Linen lined foldover closure, with a beaded drawstring accent clasp.

"Harvest Pouch"

As the season cools,  the landscape takes on an amazing array of colors.. sunsets are especially beautiful with the cold, and there's a festive mood in the air.

We can see that gaiety reflected in this Harvest pouch. An array of festive colors, sewn on suede leather- incredibly lightweight yet sturdy!
The clasp is a navy sueded cord, which is adjustable. 
A keepsake bag for smaller trinkets.

Pill Popping Beach Bum                        8.20

Chevron beads woven alongside tiny shell boxes make this a perfect necklace (or belt )to be worn when that vitamin schedule is a must!

2 different compartments allow for various schedules.
Surprisingly difficult bead to work with- Long chevron beads can be brittle and need reaming, but the design and color make it all worthwhile.
A gold dipped Steel chain  and steel thread make this incredibly sturdy for summer wear and tear.

Cloud 9                                          7.20

Puffy clouds surrounded by freshwayer pearls delicately lay on the wearer's neck.

Blue beadwork made of larimar add a textured color of water.
Tassle counterweights made from inlay mother of pearl.
I wanted to make a wearable design that reflected the dreamy nature of cloud gazing in the heat of summertime. Larimar always has this solvent, watery cool expression to it that mimics beautiful large bodies of water.
Chip beads are real challenge to work with , yet can make a beautiful design when used in large amounts.

Tibetan Talismans                           4.20

Discovered these lovely tibetan silver pieces and was immediately inspired.

Silver and lapis lazuli bracelet

A beautiful silver vessel to hold sacred sigils and writings.

This necklace was especially satisfying to make because I had been wanting to use the odd shaped V beads for quite some time. Nothing ever seemed to call out for them, that is, until I saw this silver fish! 

A longer necklace, made with sterling spacer beads.

Acorn Pin Cushions                        12.19

Various caps in clusters found this fall...makes pretty, teeny tiny pincushions for travel, or simple carry..Filled with emery powder, sand and lavender flowers.

SpiderWeb Vases                          10.19

Spindly webs of galvanized steel create a perfect addition for any Samhain celebration.

Various heights allow flowers to fill the lanscape.

CHIP Tip2                                       9.19

Exploring chip beads a bit more, here is a larimar chip bead set with sterling beads. Incredibly satisfying to create, chip beads were never a very satisfying bead to work with because I never found a uniformity in them that I enjoyed. This new approach opens up a realm of possibilities!

CHIP Tip                                         8.19

Turning something I never really enjoyed, chip beads, into something I love! Coral chip beads make a voluptuous bracelet to be worn any which way.

LAdy LIberty                                      7.19

Letting freedom bling in this Afghani inspired design- Lady Liberty emblazoned on US sterling silver coins reflect the Goddess immortalized in American history.

.Sterling silver dollar coin

SeaShells & Wedding Bells              6.19

Vintage shell design inspired this series of necklaces. I love how the bubble shells mimic a wisteria type flower. Freashwater pearls and frosted seed beads add a nice contrast.

May Flowers: Iris Pin         5.19

Made in the french beaded wire style, using newer miyuki beads with antique hex cut green beads.

A gentle yellow wax  bead makes a nice addition for the inner parts of the petal.



Hand carved larimar cabachon accented with blue flourite beads, stertling silver and rutilated quartz




THE ELEMENT OF AIR: Birds of A fEATHER    1.19

Exloring the air element found in nature, with a human hand lending. This design flitters in the wind, and sparkles with sunlight- A remembrance to the winds of change , the wings of the woods.


BlueJay alongside handmade glazed ceramic discs ( thank you L!) make a lovely balance for feathers to dance(found resources only).


Cardinal feathers hang alongside handmade ceramic stamped designs in a red glaze ( Thank you L!)

THE ELEMENT OF AIR: The Horned One    1.19

Continuing with the element of air found in nature, an antler carved pipe. (found resources only)

Sleepings Beauty     12.18

Feeling inspired by this first  box, I decided to explore the idea in a variety of ways.Wood burning always takes longer than it seems. It can be very satisfying once you learn your tools as well as wood types- More images to come!

Her Majesty's Service     11.18

"Two of Hearts" Sterling elements with antique leaded crystals

Inspired by mobiles I spied at RenFaire, I added various elements for a mixed sound of silverware, crystals and sterling bells( Handmade- thanks J!).

I have seen many of these types of chimes from various online searches, yet haven't really seen many that had emphasis on balance found in mobiles. Most of the ones I see are heavy set chimes which takes huge wind gusts to move and sound.

I felt challenged by this because I wanted to see how this would sound if made with balance points found in  mobiles. What I love about mobiles is the delicate balance that they require to MAKE it balanced.

Every little part matters.

It took time to look for the right elements, to consider how I wanted to put these together without looking overcrowded or unnecessarily weighted.


The last thing a chime mobile wants is excess weight- the idea is the have them light enough for intermittent chiming..not massive chiming when theres a tornado at your door.


Some pieces I already had- things I found here and there that I dont particularly use, but dont want to get rid of either.


When I saw this heart dish, I knew right away that I wante dto pair it with 2 goblets- reflective of the  'two of  cups' card from tarot.


Adding deep pink leaded heart crystals gave this  mobile a gorgeous, mighty detail when the light hits this- just pink sparkles everywhere, with large blue light notes coming from the blue glass drops.


I love how this mobile has both sight and sound reflective of the tarot card meaning.

'Birds Hoard' Two dishes to hold nuts and fruits


"My Cup Runneth Over" Steel blue crystal beads illuminate a sterling sunlight party


"Sugar Spoons"
"Wish Dish"

StellarCellar is open!      10.18

Happy Samhain!

WIth the new year beginning, time to announce the addition of the StellarCellar (In BEADS)!! Just works that are from my private collection. I hope to add more images as time allows-some of my favorites that became keepers! Go look now! Go!

Snake Totem 8.18

Lovely malachite beads with copper design.

Handmade copper spirals


Earrings, of course!

My Grandmas Granny Chic  7.18

With Granny Chic in style, there's no one more inspiring than my very own grandmother to help inspire this creation! Her influence shows free and easy associations, colors, playfulness, fullness and complexity, all rolled into an in-your-face honesty that expresses the uninhibited spirit.


While many Granny Chic styles are more reflective of a kitschy nostalgia, this necklace incorporates a sort of eternal artistic freedom, that truly embodies the essence of MY Grandmother- who is obviously an artist at heart.


What I love about her approach has always been this sort of messy 'chaos' that somehow fits all together. Elements you would never think work together, simply DO.....

With MY Grandmas Granny Chic 'guidelines' helping to create this piece, there really is no wrong addition!

How freeing!

The large carved heart was actually carved by my grandmother, and was the main source of inspiration for this piece.

While she mainly carved wooden sculptures, she carved this at some point, and I knew right away it needed to be expanded upon,

into something wearable.

Awhile ago, my grandmother gave me a huge lot from her bead collection, and was a great source to pick and choose from!

It felt like a palette of my grandmothers expressions and likes, guiding me reference to some happy times together.








While some elements were added because of flair or fun, others were more symbolic in use.

For instance, this speckled orange bead reminds me of times I would spend with my grandmother during the winter holidays.

She would spend hours in the kitchen helping us make gingerbread cookies, spiced cakes and decorate the house in a festive atmosphere.

 To me, this little orange charm reminds me of spiced pomanders one finds around the winter holiday season.

The blue and  green beaded band also reminds me of a time period when she was focused on painting.

At one point, she was creating an image that used brilliant blue and green oil paint.

I remember seeing the gleaming colors and smelling the linseed oil, in a kind of bewilderment as to what it was all about.

Most vividly, I can remember these two colors that she used many years ago.

An up-close detail of the clasp shows a fun glitter heart which hangs whichever ways it chooses.

Hey grandma, thanks for the ongoing dialogue and usual, you're still showing me creative insight and perspective like no other. Thank you for it!!!